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We are a boutique strategy consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to mid-sized companies  identify and take advantage of timely market opportunities to create long term value for their business ventures.

High growth business opportunites

We have a track record of identifying rewarding business opportunities and disruptive technologies.

Clean Water Technology

nanotechnology based water treatment and purification system

Our principals have spearheaded the development of a novel environmentally-friendly nanotechnology to remediate water. The nanoparticles can be specifically formulated to target and remove specific contaminates, pollutants, or even valuable elements or compounds from water. Unlike conventional water remediation technologies that utilize chemical treatments and inly 50% to 60% of the water  that they treat, the nanoparticle based purifies and regenerates 85% to 95% of the water that it treats, resulting in significant benefits and great cost savings to the end user.

Real Estate Development

Structured more than $2 billion in real estate project development and financing

Our trusted partners provide capital solutions, including mezzanine debt, and bridge loans to companies seeking capital for real estate development. They have experience in developing over 16 million square feet of commercial real estate projects including senior housing, apartments, hospitals and healthcare facilities, hotels and resorts, oil and gas production facilities, and industrial and manufacturing facilities.  

Clean energy technology

Reduces environmental impact and outperforms traditional rooftop solar

Our principals have overseen the development of the world’s first-of-a-kind technology capable of generating electricity on see-through glass windows created by using environmentally freindly organic polymers that generate electricity using natural and ambient light that significantly outperforms rooftop solar by 50x.


Information Technology 

Next generation applications

Our venture partners and principals have invested in and developed and deployed cloud-based document management platform that utilizes blockchain technology to allow users to save, retrieve and share files securely. Additionally, our trusted partners have invested in and developed social media and logistics applications that leverage machine learning and blockchain technology.

What We Do

We Help Entrepreneurs Build Successful Business Ventures

Today, innovation is bringing about unprecedented change. Every industry is ripe for disruption. Companies are utilizing innovation in robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), drones, autonomous vehicles, body sensors and blockchain technology to change how people shop, dine, workout, communicate, travel, and deliver products and services. We help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to mid-sized business ventures develop and execute effective strategies for growth, increased profitability and diversification.


Our principals, trusted partners and advisers have had years of experience in developing innovative technologies, negotiating technology transfers, developing marketing and branding strategies, developing business and financial models to gain access to capital, and providing counsel in the areas of entrepreneurial strategy, corporate structure, personnel management, business development, venture financing, marketing and branding, investor relations, and mergers & acquisitions.

Business Development Services We Offer

Business Analytics

For many of our clients, the first step is in developing a strategy for success is diagnosing the health of their business.  Its about asking the right questions. We work closely with your team to understand every aspect of your business to help you identify the right strategy to implement in disrupting the market with your product or service.

Business development strategy

We can help you to identify critical strategic issues that your business will face, find practical solutions for those issues, and devise strategies to create a winning strategic position for your business to compete in the present and in the future. We work with you and your team hand in hand to identify the pathway for the long-term success of your business.

Developing In-country Relationships Overseas

To enter fast growing new markets overseas it is essential to create in-country relationships. We work with international partners to build a bridge between innovative companies in the United States and foreign investors, companies, and government agencies that are looking to create a new market sector for new products or looking to market the latest generation products for existing market sectors. 

Access Global Markets

We help our client-partners create strategic alliances with leading multi-national companies that are looking for new products for their existing customer base by utilizing licensing strategies. Such strategic alliances are a powerful tool that allows our client-partners to focus on their core products and reach a large new client base.

Co-Branding Partnerships

By leveraging our relationships with companies with established and recognized brands in foreign countries, we provide our client-partners with instant credibility that allows them to promote their newer products and services in these new foreign markets by leveraging the marketing power of the foreign co-branding partner.

Technology Transfers

We can help you negotiate licensing agreements and joint venture partnerships for your technology that will allow your company to gain mass distribution channels overseas.

For businesses seeking to license technology or products and services from the United States to market in their home countries, we can help you identify licensing opportunities and conduct due diligence on such opportunities.  We can also assist with negotiating licensing agreements or setting up joint ventures and partnerships to share in the risks and rewards of bringing new technologies or services to market.

Open Branch Offices Overseas

Once you are comfortable with doing business overseas, you may decide to have a physical presence overseas. We have trusted contacts within our network that can help you setup branch offices overseas, handling everything from incorporation to helping you find the right location that is suitable for you.

Due Diligence on Business Opportunities

For entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses looking to invest in, acquire, or do business with a business in the United States or overseas, our firm can assist with a full corporate due diligence of the business. 

Open Branch Offices in the United States

We have trusted contacts within our network that can help you setup branch offices in the United States, handling everything from incorporation to helping you find the right location that is suitable for you

Meetesh Patel, Esq.

President / Managing Director

Meetesh V. Patel is an investor, entrepreneur, and C-level executive who brings more than a decade of experience in financing and building new ventures in information technologies, renewable energy, and nanotechnology.

Among Meetesh’s achievements, he is credited with leading development of the world’s first-of-its-kind technology capable of generating electricity on see-through glass windows. As President and CEO, Meetesh targeted a brand-new approach to successfully advancing the technology, away from its focus on silicon nanoparticles and towards next-gen ‘spray-on’ organic polymers. His efforts led to a research and development partnership with the University of South Florida and resulted in funding from the Florida High Tech Corridor. Under Meetesh’s leadership, the company bolstered its public image, gained investor confidence, and raised capital on preferential terms. Meetesh groomed the company for its transition to his hand-picked successor, and successfully positioned the technology for its first-ever public unveiling.

As President of a company seeking its entry into kinetic energy harvesting, Meetesh worked to invent, engineer, and prototype novel roadway-embedded systems for generating electricity from the movement of vehicles. He evolved the company’s technology from an early ‘skunkworks’ project to tactically filing foundational patents which today number in the dozens. Meetesh also identified and partnered with the world’s leading experts in energy harvesting, eventually building a fluid-driven system with few mechanical parts, smooth energy capture, and minimal payload disruption. He successfully built engineering teams, raised capital, and formed strategic partnerships for field testing the technology with Burger King®, Four Seasons Hotel, and Holiday Inn® Express.

Meetesh is a co-founder, executive, and principal of a nanotechnology venture developing and commercializing economical and environmentally friendly water treatment and purification systems. In addition to raising seed capital and building the company’s engineering team, Meetesh has acquired important underlying intellectual property to enable development of a first-of-kind water treatment system which achieves usable water recovery of up to 95% and cuts operating and capital costs by nearly one-half.

Meetesh earned his Juris Doctor degree from American University, Washington College of Law in 2000, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1997. Meetesh is admitted to the Maryland State Bar and the District of Columbia Bar.

Veronica Bouchon

Vice President / Managing Director

Veronica Bouchon is an entrepreneur and C-level executive with over 20 years of experience in finance, human resource management and new venture development. With over 10 years of professional sales experience working with a top producing securities broker at Gaines Berland, Inc., Veronica has extensive experience in interacting with and servicing retail clients through the entire sales cycle from  relationship management, accounts receivables, initial public offerings, IRA/401K accounts, and asset management products.

More recently she saw the need for returning military men and women to find jobs and founded EmployAGI.org.  EmployAGI.org is the premiere veteran Staffing/Recruitment company dedicated to Transitioning and placing military men and women into a wide variety of jobs.  

EmployAGI.org offers a broad range of services including assisting military veterans to bridge the gap between them and their prospective employers.  Assisting our former military men and women to utilize and transfer their skill set in capturing jobs in the civilian sector that will help them achieve their goals and have the type of military discipline, work ethic and dedication that is needed to help companies grow. EmployAGI.org provides a service that matches the labor needs of our corporate clients with individuals who have the skill sets necessary to meet those needs. This company’s members have over 20 years of experience with extensive connections and networking abilities.

As a Director and partner at Strategic Edge, Veronica overseas the development of new business partnerships, strategic alliances, and new venture business opportunities for the company. 

Saurabh Shah

President – Strategic Edge India

Felix Wijaya

Advisor / Branding and Marketing

Tyler Brooks

Advisor / Oilfied Products

Perry Cooper

Advisor / Capital Markets

John Conklin

Advisor / New Technology Development

Steve Anapoell, Esq

Advisor / Securities and Finance

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