About Strategic Edge, LLC


What We Do

Strategic Edge is a venture asset management and venture consulting company.  Our firm is comprised of a team of investors, entrepreneurs, industry veterans, and specialist advisors with a proven track record of building business enterprises in the energy, healthcare, information technology, clean technology and real estate sectors.

We have Venture Asset Management and a Venture Advisory practice. Our Venture Asset Management practice is focused on finding, developing, and supporting new or existing business ventures that can take advantage of timely market opportunities and can produce measurable returns through growth of the business or advancements in new technologies.

Our Venture Asset Management practice is focused on high growth sectors. We have a track record for identifying rewarding business opportunities and disruptive technologies.

Venture Asset Management


At Strategic Edge, our team is comprised of investors, entrepreneurs, industry veterans, and specialists who identify, finance and incubate new ventures from concept to commercialization.

We typically target investments with the prospects of outstanding growth potential, particularly.   focusing on: ventures that can exploit timely market opportunities; or innovations that can solve global challenges through pioneering and distinctive solutions. Strategic Edge typically prefers to be a part of the first financing round of new ventures. To this end, our investment strategy is based on superior sourcing and adding value to each company we work with. Our industry reach, deep market understanding, and first-hand experience in building substantial businesses enable us to successfully transform business ideas into marketable commodities. Once invested, we take an active role in guiding the growth of the company.

Why Work With Us?

Depth of Knowledge & Experience

We have a history of identifying high-growth business opportunities and game-changing technologies. In the case of new technology discoveries, we have overseen nascent ideas from the discovery phase to early inception to advanced prototyping to full commercial deployment. In each of these instances we have built value for our investors and clients by generating commercial and financial interest in the business ventures, technology, and products that we have been involved with.

Results Driven Outcomes

We have an extensive history of working with entrepreneurs, scientist, engineers, and investors seeking profitable real estate ventures or cutting-edge technologies to create innovative new business ventures from inception to project/product build out to corporate build out phases on time and on budget.

Lean Development Methodologies

We add value to each new venture that we are involved in by meticulously analyzing each opportunity and diligently partnering with our vast network of experienced management, scientific, and technical experts to drive cost-effective outcomes for our business development and technology development strategies. This approach results in hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in immediate savings in capital that would otherwise have to spent on depreciating research equipment, expansive building space, and operating overhead. 

Our Methodology

Our goal is to produce financial returns through the advancement of a business or technology. A great business idea will not go anywhere if the people behind the idea are not committed to seeing it through and are not willing to see beyond their idea or technology. There comes a point where the innovators need to step aside and accept guidance from experts with the business acumen to help them focus on the business side of things. Therefore, before we get involved in a business venture, we look at the people behind the venture as see if their goals are in line with ours.

 When targeting new ventures or technologies, we identify prospects with cost-effective entry points with the potential of generating exponential returns. Once invested, we provide the ventures that we support with the requisite business development, marketing and infrastructure support.

 Through existing relationships with business and technology development partners, we groom the asset through the business-build-out and technology development stages to attract commercial and industrial partners as well as strategic investors.